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The Most Exotic Ecotourism Destination in México

Tulum is branded by the beauty of its landscape and is treasured as an archaeological site and as a beach destination. The colorful surroundings include natural attractions such as cenotes, lagoons and protected natural areas for lovers of eco-tourism. The walled city on the edge of the Caribbean Sea include significant Mayan buildings that housed the political and ceremonial core of Zamá. The Mayan ruins have been declared “World Heritage” by UNESCO. The coastal strip of Tulum has beaches worthy of admiration highlighting the color of its waters, its fine sand, surrounded by vegetation characteristic of the conservation park in Tulum.


Be enchanted by Costa Caribe

Costa Caribe condos are located in Aldea Zamá, Tulum’s best development.
The best area of Tulum to live in paradise. Departments available since 50 m2 — 160 m2

So close to paradise

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Your day begins with a wonderful realization: you’re in Tulum, a magical town whose natural scenery recreates a piece of paradise.

Over the Coba avenue, on the road that ap-proaches the sea, there’s a place that welcomes you to paradise: that place is Uno Zero Uno Tulum, a gated community designed to honor the jungle.

The first and only Gated community in Tulum which also has access straight to the beach.

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Querido Tulum is within Aldea Zama, a unique development that combines the majesty of the area where it is located, climate, vegetation and the power to decide between whether to go to the beach or downtown, which is less than 2 kilometers away.

Here, we all use bicycles but some of us prefer longboards. Sounds extreme, but it isn’t, because with flat terrain it is hard to build speed; we just use them to keep in touch with the wind and the sun. I cannot imagine myself driving a car.

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